2 of the Best Sports Complexes Today

soccer - 2 of the Best Sports Complexes Today

With sports holding an important and almost irreverent spot in people’s lives, there was a need to create a single place for all sports events. These include places where sporting events can be held, where athletes can train, and even office space for officials.

Let’s take a look at the best sports complexes in the world today.

Ciudad Real Madrid

First, we have the Ciudad Real Madrid facility. It is the sports complex for the Real Madrid football and basketball clubs.

This complex is 8000 square meters big and has the best and most modern training facilities in the world. There are different areas within the facility. There is one that is strictly for training. Another area is for players to use to relax.

Another area is reserved for the growth and fostering of young players coming up. It is truly a Mecca for sports players and teams, ensuring growth and the support that they need.

Chula Vista Olympic Training Center

The next sports complex that we’ll be looking at is the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center. It has over 150 acres and is the main facility for Olympic and Paralympic events in San Diego.

It has as many as six soccer fields that have natural turfs. There is also the same amount of volleyball fields, as well as several BMX tracks.

It also acts as a place where athletes can stay and relax as they train. It can house as many as 130 or more athletes.

It also includes a strength and conditioning facility for players and athletes to train at. It currently stands at 5,400 square feet.

These are only a few of the best sports complexes in the world. These are great places for athletes to grow and develop their abilities.