3 Upcoming Sporting Events in Minnesota’s 2019


The sports scene in Minnesota is ramping up for 2019. Apart from the different Minnesota sports teams, there are a great number of sporting events that will be taking place next year.

Let’s check out four big upcoming sports events that will be taking place in Minnesota this 2019 and beyond.

NCAA Final Four


It is college basketball season once again. In 2019, the NCAA’s Final Four will be returning to Minnesota. It will be held at Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium.

This upcoming event is a massive one. As always, the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament will feature as many as 68 teams that are gunning to join the final four and become the division 1 college basketball champions.

The event is so big in fact that even now, they are searching for volunteers to help out with the event that will be taking place on April 6 to 8 next year.

This is actually a really big event and moment for the U.S. Bank Stadium. When Minnesota found out they were going to host the NCAA tournament, as early as last month they began installing their first ever basketball court.

Afterwards, the stadium hosted a game between the University of Minnesota and the University of Oklahoma. It was a test to see how they would handle the big tournament next April.

Summer X Games


Apart from the NCAA Final Four, only a few months after the U.S. Bank Stadium will yet again play host to another big sporting event: the Summer X Games.

The 2018 Summer X Games was also held at the U.S. Bank Stadium, and was a largely successful event. Thus, ESPN decided to hold next year’s and the year after that’s Summer X Games in Minnesota.

We hope you can wait for the 2019 Summer X Games in August so you can see more amazing moments from the skateboarding, moto cross, and bicycling athletes.

In last year’s event, people were able to witness great moments such as Brighton Zeuner’sreemergence as the gold medal winner in the skateboard park final. This is a good indication of her rise to Summer X Games stardom.

It also saw Nyjah Huston’s return to form after a brief meeting with an injury. Despite a fall in his routine early on, he found his rhythm and never looked back.

The KPMG LPGA Championship


Next up, the women take the field for the KPMG LPGA Championship. This event is a big one for women’s golf. It is actually a tournament that has run quite long for golfing women.

Apart from that though, its importance also lay in the fact that it is one of the five major events in the LPGA tour. The prize money in this tournament is one of the biggest amongst the many tournaments.

Last year, Sung Hyun Park won her second major in this event. This moment is quite important as she is only the third Korean woman to win this event.

The upcoming tournament will be taking place from June 18 to 23 next year. The next KPMG LPGA tournament will have a great amount of money on the line.

Are you excited for the sporting events in Minnesota next year? Be sure to watch out for more sporting events to happen next year. For the sports bettors out there, be sure to get your bets in these events. Follow these sports betting tips to better your chances.

3 Sports Betting Tips for the Minnesota Sports Scene


Sports betting is on the rise in the United States. Legalization is on the horizon and as such, there is a need to educate people from all over the country on tips that can help them with their bets.

In this article, let’s talk about the Minnesotan sports scene and how the Minnesotans can continue to win in their sports bets.

Choosing a Betting Site

The first tip we have for you is to choose your betting site. In Minnesota, one of the best betting sites that you can use is Bet Online. It is a live betting site that you can use for a multitude of sports and sporting events.

For Bet Online, it is mobile friendly. Thus, you can bet quickly with just a few taps of the button. The site also has a plethora of payment options that can be used. Other than credit cards, you can also pay using bitcoin and even checks.

Home Court Advantage

For the second tip, we’re going to talk about home court or homefield advantage. As a sports bettor, this is one of the few things that you should look at first.

Before we move on to the discussion, let us talk about the premier Minnesotan sports teams that should be watched for.

First, we have the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL. In their conference, they currently stand as second out of four teams. The Chicago Bears are ahead of them, but the Greenbay Packers and Detroit Lion are quickly nipping at the Viking’s tails.

We also have the Minnesota Twins whose last World Series win was more than 20 years ago. Recently, they have made a series of trades for players and coaches that look to establish a good showing this season.

Finally, we have the Minnesota Timberwolves. Their current standing is right at the middle right now, with 13 wins and 13 losses this season.

At a glance, these teams aren’t exactly excelling right at this point. So, in order to capitalize on their games, it is best to bet when on home turf.

These will allow for the chances of your bets winning to go up. When the games are held at the U.S. Bank Stadium, the Target Stadium, and the Target Field, these are good indications of when you can bet.

Apart from that, iconic sports complexes sometimes pressure the players. Look back at historical data and see how the teams played at Madison Square Garden for example.

Scout Well

The final tip we have for you is to scout the proceedings for any sporting event you wish to bet on.

Sports is a dynamic entity. It is never really black and white with sports. There are many other factors in play all the time.

You have to keep a keen eye on the proceedings from the previous weeks. Has a player from either team or side been injured? Have they been putting up monster numbers? Has an outside event been affecting the performance of the team?

All of these things should be looked at and considered when making a bet.

These are only a few tips we can provide you when placing a bet. We hope you utilize these and have much success with your bets.

3 Minnesota Sports Teams that People Should Support


Since sports and competition is such a natural facet of people’s lives, every country and city in the world needs some people or some team to get behind and root for.

In this article, let’s look at Minnesota to be specific. While Minnesota’s teams aren’t the strongest these days, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t great athletes that have some notable wins in their belts. These especially happen when they play at home.

Let’s take a look at several sports teams that Minnesotans can root for.

Minnesota Vikings

The first team we’ll be looking at is the Minnesota Vikings. Currently, they are second place in the NFC North with six wins and five losses. The current team is being led by head coach Mike Zimmer and new quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Cousins led the Washington Redskins to a respectable year last year. Thus, it is hopeful that he can lead the Vikings to a great season this year.

Within their division, only the Chicago Bears stand in their way at the top spot. However, the Greenbay Packers and the Detroit Lions are nipping at their tails and could take the Viking’s spot.

The Vikings need to work harder than ever to be the top team in their conference.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves are off to a rocky start this year. Their current standing stands at 13 wins and 13 losses. However, the Timberwolves are still fighting for a place in the playoffs.

Head coach Tom Thibodeau is a great person to get behind and believe in to bring the Timberwolves to a great season. Fans should hope that Robert Covington should return. This will increase their chances of winning by quite a lot.

Minnesota Twins

Next, we have the Minnesota Twins. It has been more than 20 years since they last won a World Series. They last won one in 1991, with the previous one four years ago. Before then, it was on 1924.

Recently this year, second baseman Jonathan Schoop just agreed to play for the twins for one year. He was previously selected for the all star game in 2017. This is only one of the few recent trades that the Twins have done in order to increase their winning chances.

They also got infielder EhireAdrianza, first baseman C.J. Cron, and also a final coach staff was filled with Bill Evers.

These are only a few of the Minnesota teams can root for and support. There is always hope for teams to do well as long as their community continues to support them.