rhyno - AboutEver since the creation of mankind – ever since people were cognizant enough to understand and compare one’s tasks to another – competition was an innate fixture in people’s lives. It is as primal as our need to survive.

This need has continued to grow and can now be seen in the numerous professional sports being played these days. People don’t need to play sports to enjoy it. There are some out there who just enjoy playing and supporting the players and teams that they love.

Whether you are a player, a fan, or a supporter, it is safe to say that sports hold a great place in many people’s lives. It can give excitement, as well as bring people together.

It is because of this that Meadowlands Xanadu has come together. We are all sports enthusiasts at heart. As such, we are committed to witnessing and reporting on the current sporting events. We report to you readers the winners of each games and fights.

We also write articles on the past sporting greats that have helped elevate their own sports to where they are now. These may include articles such as the best basketball teams in history, the best boxers in specific weight divisions, and the best football matches even.

These historic glances allow us to appreciate the athletes before, what they did for the sports, and how far the sports have come.

Apart from those, we take a look at the sporting stadiums and coliseums that have housed countless memorable moments. These buildings have a great deal of history behind them. It is worthy to see what historic moments are housed in each.

Finally, we take a look at other sporting events that don’t necessarily belong to any professional leagues. These can include anything from fun runs, iron man competitions, and so much more.